Credit Zero Launch Teaser

Next week is the official launch of the Credit Zero Podcast! In the meantime, we took the time to craft a little teaser from our new 3D assets!

Credit Zero – The 2013 Pilot Episode

In 2013 we tried to record a Podcast, just for fun! This is the genesis of the new show officially launching September 7!   Stay tuned for more content!

CZ Video Podcast Episode 0 – The Robocop Special!

The gang at Credit Zero tried to record their Podcast way back in 2013 but failed to make the show materialized… Until now! Enjoy some moments of the lost episode 0 of The Credit Zero Podcast starting with the battle of the Robocops!

Wasting Time in Watch Dogs Part 2!

Still don’t know what to do in Watch_Dogs? It seem we found a “Mother F^@%*& Singing Trout” signing to us! Follow up to our previous post!